About Us

Golden coastlines, fertile valleys, ancient forests, futuristic cities. The California experience is fueled by diversity and contrasts - in its culture, in its landscape, and in its food.

Our boxes connect you to local makers and their uniquely California products. 

Welcome to California Crafted

Discover California’s unique local flavor, and support small businesses, with California Crafted. We bring together great local products that reflect the spirit of California, with an emphasis on regional ingredients and things created by makers who are passionate about their craft.
From almonds flavored with California garlic and rosemary from the maker's own garden to "ugly" irregular peaches and apricots that have been reclaimed and ingeniously packaged as dried fruit snacks -- we're your source for made-in-California goodness.

Custom California Gift Baskets

We enable our customers to easily hand-pick their favorite products to create unique gift sets, so anyone can share a taste of California and directly support local makers at the same time. You can also shop our pre-curated gift options if you're looking for a crowd pleasing assortment of products!

Whether you are gifting a gift to a loved one, buying corporate gifts, or simply treating yourself, we make it easy to share a taste of California. 

Our Story

We started our journey in Colorado, when we realized how many awesome products were being created by unique local makers...and how hard they were to find and share! We launched our first shop, Colorado Crafted, in 2013 and have been growing ever since.

California holds a special place in our hearts, which is why we chose it for our second shop. Our extended families live in San Diego, the greater LA area, Orange County, and beyond. We've spent years enjoying our travels within the Golden State, looking forward to enjoying the exhilarating cities, rich farmers markets, unparalleled restaurants, beaches, deserts, and mountains. Now we're excited to bring together amazing small local makers and the products they create, to reflect what we all love about California. 

In this age of Amazon and big box stores that are the same from city to city, and state to state – we are proud to give our customers the ability to discover truly local products online, hand-pick their favorites, and then easily send them anywhere, anytime.

More About What We Do.

  • Our selection of unique-to-California snacks and treats offers mass appeal but everything is super local which keeps it special at the same time. 
  • We've launched with over 30 locally made products and will be constantly adding new products to our store. Our current selection ranges from luxurious spa products to housewares to a wide array of carefully curated edible goodies and gourmet foods.
  • We're constantly searching the state to find new products that are delicious, beautifully designed, and carefully created by individuals who truly care about their craft. We don't include products in our boxes simply because they were made in California - we seek out local products that are created with exacting attention to detail and quality that's unmatched.
  • From small gifting projects to large corporate projects - we have the experience and resources to take care of your needs seamlessly.
  • We keep plenty of product on hand at all times in our Colorado-based warehouse, so we're able to meet your needs quickly and effectively. 
  • We're 100% woman owned.