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Product Review! Sun & Swell Cookie Bites

Product Review! Sun & Swell Cookie Bites

These good-for-you cookie bites are made in California; in Santa Barbara to be precise! They feature a great ingredient list, compostable packaging, and more...but how do they taste?

Our social media manager Mary gives her authentic opinion!

She tells you a little more about the ingredient list, when she would use them, and comes up with a great idea on how to make them even more delicious which we are definitely going to give a try! 

We love locally made products that show off the best of California, and Sun & Swell cookie bites are an excellent example of what we love!

They are available in Build A Box, where you can hand-pick your favorite products to create the perfect local California gift box. They are also included in some of our precuraated boxes, like the 

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