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Getting to Know: Mylk Labs & Grace Cheng

Getting to Know: Mylk Labs & Grace Cheng

Meet Grace Cheng, founder and CEO of Mylk Labs. She's an LA native - born and raised in Southern California, and a fashion industry veteran. She was inspired by her hometown and her hectic jet-setting lifestyle to start Mylk Labs, with the goal to provide products that offer flavor, nutrition, and convenience. 

Grace in the Mylk Labs warehouse

More about Mylk Labs & Grace's origin story

Grace started her career working in high fashion modeling, which sound pretty exciting! She's traveled around the world for photo shoots and fashion shows, and somewhere along the way started eating oatmeal every single day. It reminded her of a warm hug...and it's so good for you, too!

Then, the city of Los Angeles itself added to her spark of inspiration when she was getting started launching her own business. It's a place that is filled with innovative food entrepreneurs that Grace was exposed to every day while growing up there. Think of $20 fresh green juices, packaged in beautiful glass jars - just one of many of the fascinating health and wellness offerings that have come out of LA.

And when asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, Grace always knew the answer: "I want to own my own business."

 Almond Mylk & Blueberry Oatmeal by Mylk Labs

Mylk Labs was born

Mylk Labs flagship product offering is a line of grab & go oatmeals cups. Each one starts with a unique base of ground oats and almonds, which creates a protein packed oatmeal that tastes exactly like it was cooked with almond mylk...with just the use of water. We especially love that Grace has managed to showcase California-grown almonds in such a special way!

You won't find anything artificial or processed in these grab and go cups —just real ingredients from whole foods. A touch of sweetness comes from unrefined organic coconut sugar, which is then balanced with a sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt. The oats are custom rolled thicker for a creamy yet chewy flavor, and each cup contains only 5 grams of unrefined sugar

We asked Grace what her favorite thing is that's been said about her product: "I honestly don't like oatmeal...but I love your oatmeal!"

You can find Mylk Labs grab & go oatmeal cups in our shop - either in the Build A Box section, or in the Good Morning Box (alongside a California-made coffee & tea)!

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