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Best California Gift Baskets

Best California Gift Baskets

If you're looking for the best California gift baskets, we've got the roundup for you. These modern gift baskets are packaged in sleek boxes or reusable tote bags, as opposed to the traditional basket. And we've scoured the state to find the best California-made products to include in our gift you can easily send a taste of California to anyone on your list! All these gifts celebrate small local businesses that are diverse, independently owned, that always create high quality products that impress.

And remember, in addition to our favorite gift baskets outlined below, we also allow our customers to hand pick their favorite products to create a completely custom California gift. Head over here to try it out!

Which California gift baskets are the best?

Here are our top 7 picks, from the largest and most luxurious gift, down to something small and special.

  • Golden State Tote
  • California Sunshine Deluxe Box
  • Mt. Shasta Box
  • Catalina Box
  • Pacific Crest Tote
  • California Road Trip Box
  • California Snack Box
  • * bonus option California Watercolor Map Tea Towel

Golden State Tote

We love this option because it's a diverse collection of sweet, savory, and spicy options - all created by small businesses across California. We've included almonds (which California is famous for!) and the caramels include apples harvested from a small farm in Central California. The beautiful golden candle is scented to evoke California's golden hour, which we just love: notes of hay, bergamot, and poppy. Golden State Tote

Best California Gift Baskets - Golden State Tote

California Sunshine Deluxe Box

We created this box filled with sunny colors to brighten anyone's day and call to mind the beauty of the Golden State. The dried apricots are harvested from orchards in California, the citrus poppy soap is sourced from an artisan soap maker on the central coast (and smells amazing), and the lemon coconut cookie bites are bright and flavorful, not to mention beautifully packaged. California Sunshine Deluxe Box  

Best California Gift Baskets - California Sunshine Deluxe Box

Mt. Shasta Box

This gift offers a fun way to share all the little luxuries we all appreciate at home. We've included locally roasted California coffee, a keepsake mug that shows where their heart is, and a healthy breakfast. Top it off with a stylish kitchen towel to adorn their kitchen, and the best smelling artisan soap for the guest bathroom. Mt. Shasta Box

Best California Gift Baskets - Mt. Shasta Box

Catalina Box

The perfect way to show you care and share local love from six small businesses in California - all at the same time! A vial of bath salts combine Epson & Dead Sea salts with rose buds and essential oils for a memorable and luxurious experience. The Lavender scrub bar, crafted by a small artisan on the Central coast will be enjoyed for weeks to come, whereas no one will be able to resist making quick work of the California almonds & addictive apple cider caramels. Top it all off with an adorable blank notepad that will fit in her bag, and a candle that will remind her of summer weekends camping with the family. Catalina Box

Best California Gift Baskets - Catalina Box

Pacific Crest Tote

Our reusable California tote bag is so popular (and useful!), which is part of the reason why we love this gift. Add to it a wide variety of crowd-pleasing favorite products, all made in California, and you've got a winner that everyone will love. Coffee, snack mix, healthy cookie bites, locally crafted jerky, and more feature in this collection that's perfect for men and women alike. Pacific Crest Tote

Best California Gift Baskets - Pacific Crest Tote

California Road Trip Box

It's time to pack up the car and your favorite California-made snacks are just the fuel you need! Spicy jerky, locally grown dried fruit, and tasty cookie bites are the perfect munchies to take on-the-go, plus a little pick me up in the form of a Pocket's like a delicious square of chocolate-like coffee, in solid stackable form. The California Field Guide is your inside scoop into places to visit and all things quintessentially California. California Road Trip Box

Best California Gift Baskets - California Road Trip Box

California Snack Box

Are you looking for a box filled with California's best snacks? Then this box is  what you need! From local jerky to rosemary garlic almonds to granola cookies made with locally grown goodness and more - we've combed the state to find the finest made in California snacks for this box. Another huge crowd pleaser that's guaranteed to be a hit with everyone! California Snack Box

Best California Gift Baskets - California Snack Box

California Watercolor Map Tea Towel

This one's not actually a gift basket, but it's such a thoughtful and useful gift for anyone that loves California! It's a 100% cotton tea towel that's also a map of California, filled with the flora, fauna, and local landmarks that make the Golden State so special!

We've included the state bird (California quail), the state flower (California poppy), the state tree (Redwood)...alongside so many other things that make California special. Bears, seals, Joshua trees, palms, citrus, surfboards, pelicans and much more!

This California tea towel is our exclusive design. Each icon is a hand painted watercolor by artist Sarah Welle; the custom paintings are then digitized and printed onto this unique kitchen towel. The cotton is sourced from India and the printing happens in the USA. California Watercolor Map Tea Towel


Best California Gifts - Watercolor Map Tea Towel


We hope you've enjoyed this roundup of our favorite California gift baskets. We work hard to source products made by unique small businesses from around the state, so you can easily share an authentic taste of California. If you're 

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